The beauty and wonder of our retreat camp home in South Marquette County is no comparison to a small, smelly, cramped jail cell.  Serving as a jail Chaplain for Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department gives me a unique perspective into the lives of men who, for one reason or another, just have a hard time doing life inside the boundaries of what you and I consider ‘normal’.  Life is hard on these men, even on a good day.  Often I will ask them, “How many of you grew up without a dad or a dad that was vacant?”  The response is always shocking.  Usually, over 60%-70% of the guys raise their hands.

Is it any wonder you and I totally fail when we try to serve our families as their Prophet, Priest or King?  Unlike the jail inmates, you and I do not have to go to jail because we don’t serve well.  These men haven’t had the family life or the family training you and I have had.  Their best efforts at being a good dad or a good husband always seem to line up with a movie I watched once called Groundhog Day.  They keep making the same mistakes over and over with no relief in sight.

However well we might be insulated from the ills of our society and a jail cell, you and I are still dogged by the world and it’s neon flashing lights of sex, drugs and rock and roll.  We are deluged every moment of every day with messages that are contrary to the life we try to live as redeemed saints.  We fall and struggle and there seems no end in sight.

The Broham’s Christian Men’s Retreat Ministry can help with growing your heart to the place God desires you to be.  We exist for the sole purpose of honoring God through growing men into responsible God-fearing fathers, sons, employees, & brothers by helping you discover your identity in Jesus Christ.  We don’t have to live Groundhog Day existences that do nothing more than throw us into a ditch of temporary wellbeing or happiness.

Come.  Join a few men who share a deep desire to become the men that our loving Father and God created us to be by the power of His Holy Spirit through our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

We are The Broham’s.  The name reflects the story in Genesis 12-17 where God tells Abram to go to a new land.  Fast forward to Chapter 17 God arrives on the scene to bless Abram for his obedience.  God, then, changes Abram’s name to; A Broham.  It’s a small play on words but a big play on God’s blessings.  This year we celebrate 17 years of God’s blessing on our purposely small retreat ministry. THIS YEAR’S RETREAT IS NOW CLOSED FOR REGISTRATON.

Band of Brohams 2017 U.P. Retreat from Band of Brohams on Vimeo.