About Us

How We Got Our Name

In Genesis 12 God calls Abram to go to a land He will show him.  Then, Abram obeys God and travels to the country God shows him.  Later, in chapter 17 verse 5 we see God arriving on the scene to bless Abram for his obedience.

“No longer will you be called Abram, your name will be Abraham (or in our case, a Broham) for I have made you a father of many nations.”

While on retreat with our group in 2009, our buddy Joey came running up on our campfire like a wild man calling all of us Broham’s.  We had no clue what he was talking about so we wanted to know; “what’s with the Broham’s thing?”

And, that’s where we came away with the name.  It’s stuck with us ever since.

Yes, it’s an innocent play on words but in our case it symbolizes our core group well.  Our leadership group of 12 men represents a variety of Bible preaching churches and thus, we represent ‘many nations’.

Thanks for looking in on us.  Feel free to contact us anytime for information on our retreat schedule.

God bless you and keep you!